Faith, Hope and Love

I cried a couple times this weekend. On Friday, we kept the girls home from school due to an extremely busy and emotional week. We felt that a family day was necessary. Sadie wasn’t sure if that was legal or not, but she was happy with our decision. We went to a matinee of The Nativity Story. I cried when I saw the faith of the old shepherd who couldn’t wait to make his way to the manger to worship. How I long for that kind of faith. I cried when I went to the memorial service for Nathan on Saturday morning. His wife, Lauren, sang a song that she wrote in the last couple of days. Her clear, high voice rang out through the church, almost in a whisper, “Lord, Your grace falls on me. Thank you, thank you, thank you…” How I long for that kind of faith. The church was lit up with the lights of hundreds of candles and when I got home and saw my Christmas tree with white lights burning like miniature candles, I cried. I’m still not so sure about equating white lights with peace and calm like others have said. It does something to me for sure, but I don’t think it’s anywhere near peace. That’s okay. I’m content with my white lights anyway. My brother, Robbie and nephew, Simeon came to town for the service this weekend too. The men all went out Saturday night with the Taylor men. I stayed here with the kids and some friends. When Simeon woke up crying in a strange room, I got him up and held him for a bit. It didn’t really help to calm him because I and all my friends were strangers to him. He looked around at each of our faces with a look of panic in his eyes and when he realized that not one of us was Mommy or Daddy, his mouth turned down and his chin started to wobble. That broke my heart a little bit and almost made me cry. On the way to church Sunday morning, we listened to “Where the Streets Have No Name” and I cried tears of hope. When my Mom, Dad, Carlee, Robbie and Simeon came over after church on Sunday, we played a game of Settlers and I do believe I cried a little bit because I was laughing so hard.

Now the weekend is over. I’m glad Rob and Simeon were here. We missed you, Janet. I guess it’s all summed up in tears, faith, longing, hope and joy. There’s love in there too. Maybe the pictures show a little of it.

14 thoughts on “Faith, Hope and Love”

  1. Hey Les, Great pictures, you are stunning as usual. We’re doing some crying here too. Still shocked by Nathan’s death. Then on sunday we buried a young single guy from our church here. He was a police officer (one of a few honest). He loved Jesus and was always smiling. It was such a shock. We all miss him… I hug my kids and weep life is so fragile, I find myself afraid of missing something really important along the way. I’m so much more aware lately…of everything.


  2. Thank you for always sharing your beautiful thoughts. You are such a good writer. I, like Melissa, have been much more aware and sensitive to things lately. I want to enjoy people and life more.


  3. It’s the lights from the tree. About your dad looking like Sean Connery, I hope he wasn’t offended. I like the look-as do others!–and every year my friend makes sure I take the opportunity to ooh and ahh over his point about soup if I don’t know where it came from! We’ll see if it comes up in 2007.

    Simeon, Chris and Alan all look the same. Add in Max and Seth’s side-by-sides and you’ve got a strange little genetic phenomenon. There’s power in the eyebrows.


  4. Melissa, I’m so sorry to hear about the death of your friend there. Know that my heart and my prayers are with you. When is the next time you plan to be in the States?


  5. Oh, and thanks for the comment on lighting, Spoon! My wonderful husband got me a very nice flash for my birthday that helps so much. I can now take indoor pictures without using a tripod and the light still looks pretty natural.

    Jackie, the eyebrow observation is funny. Maybe if we all raised our eyebrows more, life would be a little easier.


  6. We will start our furlough June 2008. The plan for now is to spend 6 months (summer, fall) in Minnesota near Andrew’s dad and 6months somewhere in Texas. I am voting for Dallas! That’s a long time from now, so there’s still time for some of you folks to hop on a plane to Manila!!


  7. Oh Melissa, this has nothing to do with eyebrows, although I love the reference to Sean Connery (and I got it)!, or good lighting, but I hope it’s Dallas!


  8. Mom, I’m going to take a wild stab at guessing you loved every single minute of being with that little grandson of yours. The two of you have really great hair, by the way. Teach him well and soon he will be hussling missionaries in the Balkans.

    Raising eyebrows is tricky. You want to raise your own (oh the fun!), not have them raised at you (awkward). Sometimes the former can lead right into the latter.


  9. I’ve had a couple questions about the first picture of Simeon. Josh asked if he was about to cry. Actually, imagine if you were standing, you jumped, kicked your legs forward, thus coming down with all of your body weight on your butt. That’s Sim’s new body slam trick that he secretly pulls off on anybody lying on their back. I saw Dad lay down on the floor one time and out of the corner of my eye I saw Sim racing across the floor and start climbing on his chest. Next thing I know I hear dad yelling, “WHOOOOAAA!!”


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