Over the River and Through the Woods

I know I said I was signing off for the year… I just didn’t realize what belly-aching would ensue due to that statement. What can I say? I’m grateful to have so many loving (and tactless) friends and family in my life. I have decided to go back on my word and at least put up a couple pictures here from Christmas.

We went up to Southern Illinois to my Grandma and Grandpa’s log house in the woods for Christmas. There was music and blow-up ornaments hanging from the ceiling and a fiber optic Christmas tree and seven little girls running and screaming up and down the stairs. There was fried fish and barbecue and hush-puppies and biscuits and gravy and chicken tacos and fried rabbit and fried pheasant and fried chucker and sweet hot pickles and coffee with Swedish toast. There was church on Christmas Eve where all the dear people in that little country Baptist church played a part in a Christmas play they had written and our entire family made up the choir, complete with Grandpa on guitar and Uncle Billy on harmonica. There were tears in my Grandma’s eyes throughout the entire service as her life and her home and her heart were filled to the overflowing point. There was Texas Hold ‘em and Scrabble and Boggle and Settlers and Trivial Pursuit. There was everyone listening to their own music on their own iPods and sharing songs they liked with everyone else. I cried when Uncle Billy played a song for me. It made my lungs feel like they couldn’t take in any more breath when I listened to it. There were walks in the woods and sitting on the porch swing watching the freezing rain come down on Christmas day, wrapped up in my big coat and shivering and reflecting. There was so much more, but since I’ve signed off and will never have anything to say ever again (EVER), I can’t write about it now. Although we missed Robbie, Janet and Simeon very much, the rest of the family was all there and it was a lovely time. Like usual, I can’t pick just one or two pictures, so here’s a bunch:

Okay, yeah…there are a ridiculous amount of pictures here. Oh well. If you’ve made it all the way to the end, you must be a truly committed reader of this blog. Either that or you’re family. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

10 thoughts on “Over the River and Through the Woods”

  1. I have very found memories of my Christmas at the Grammer’s in Illinois. Thank you for the pictures. You mentioned so many of the things I enjoyed the year I was there. I can olny echo Scott’s comments. Beautiful.


  2. Les, you have to share just which song Uncle Billy played for you. Also, just what is Josh doing with those blow-up ornaments? He looks like he’s practicing some of his old karate moves, but the look on his face throws that out.


  3. Funny, Rob. Kay-yah!

    The song was the closing credits song from the movie Castaway. If you can find it (I can’t get it on Urge), I can’t wait to hear what you think. I think you’ll know why it made me cry. There are no words. It’s really pretty.


  4. Leslie,
    You’re the best. You did it! You captured it perfectly! Love the pictures! The one of Uncle John
    Keep on blogin’ Then making it a book!


  5. Oh, Leslie, I’m so glad you’re back. I just studied all the photos–of brand-new Nathaniel, of your family Christmas–they are wonderful; I feel as if I was there. I LOVE playing scrabble with Donna/Ruth/Dianne/Leslie!!! I LOVE seeing those little girls growing up and Bill and Ruth in this phase of their lives. Please don’t go away again in 2007. May it be your best year yet.


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