Weekly Weeks

This past week was really a week. If ever there was a week that could be called a week, this was the one for me. We had two choir concerts, two choir tour days (outside in the cold rain), bought a real Christmas tree for the first time in our whole marriage, painted my kitchen purple and white and tried to do a million other little things, but didn’t succeed at getting even ten of them done. I am really, really sore. All of my muscles hate my stupid kitchen cabinets. Those cabinets still need two more coats of paint. I said the word “stupid” a whole lot when I was painting those stupid things. I’m afraid I’ve grown to hate them so much that I’ll never want to go in my kitchen again. But I have to say that I had some great conversation on Wednesday when dear Mackenzie came over all day to help paint. We sure talked about a lot. And then the next day, dear Certain Person came over and helped put things back in my cabinets while I was scrambling around getting ready for Sadie’s second concert. Thanks, Certain Person. I sure am blessed.

I am trying not to be a grinch this Christmas. I really am. Some might say that I’m not trying too hard, but those people probably don’t know too much.

Here are some pictures from Sadie’s two choir concerts last week. She had her first ever solo, which Wilmar was so kind to make a video of for us. I really am grateful for the video because at the time of her actual singing it, my heart was swelled with so much pride that I think it affected some of my hearing muscles. So it was fun to watch the video with my hearing muscles working properly. The sound is not that great in the school cafeteria, but the video is fun. Thanks Wilmar! (AKA Soy)








18 thoughts on “Weekly Weeks”

  1. What a week… left you weak, it seems… and apparently, all the blushing left me with nothing better but silly meaningless rhymes.
    Thanks for allowing me and my invasive obtrusive camera be around for some fun family moments.


  2. You have the cutest family ever! (Besides mine 😉 LOL I’ll have to come back and listen to Sadies debute solo. I hope you get your stupid cupboards finished soon.


  3. Les,
    I haven’t read your post, but just wanted to say before sticky little fingers start touching my computer, you get more beautiful (all of you) every time I see your pictures. It is hard to live this far away. Love you.


  4. What a proud moment for you, Leslie! Sadie has a beautiful voice, just like you. I bet it sounded even better in person! Good luck with finishing those stupid cabinets.


  5. Go Sadie! You rock! Leslie, will you post some pics of your kitchen when your muscles feel better? Oh, and I love to paint walls (not canvases, though; that’s an artistic challenge). If you’re still painting, say, Dec. 13-Jan 4, lemme know. 🙂


  6. There is a picture, sort of, up there behind Callie’s head. That’s my kitchen wall. It’s purple.

    I hope with all my heart to never paint again when I’m done with these cabinets (I won’t call them any more names; we all know what they are already).


  7. Les, it could be worse. You could have gotten some cockamamie idea in your head that stenciling ducks with ribbon necklaces would finish off the purple nicely. But you didn’t, you genius, you. For the record, Prince LOVES your kitchen and not to steal his thunder, but I do, too. And I haven’t even seen it. But I know it is purple and has espresso and and on-hand chocolate. I’m sure Togo would give you a foot rub and distract you from your tiredness with a nice reading of Agatha Christie if you asked him.

    and…that’s an elementary school choir??? fancy! impressed!


  8. Well…the video in the school cafeteria is the elementary school choir. The big, fancy one is kids from the entire school district – only fifth and sixth graders. It is pretty impressive. They are really good.


  9. You sound beautiful, Sadie! How exciting for you to get to sing a solo. What a beautiful family, Leslie. And so so so talented.

    Really, let me know about cabinet issues. I can’t leave you alone in that endeavor…


  10. Jackie, that’s funny. That’s what I’m going to call them from now on: The Voldemort Cabinets. I have the right to do that now because I am finally reading through the Harry Potter books. A little late to the game, I know. But my brother and brother-in-law love them so much, that I decided to jump on the bandwagon. And I must say, I’m almost done with the second book and I’m starting to get into it a little bit. Kind of wanting to read the next one just because I want to.


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