Christmas Pictures

My house is a mess.

The living room is no longer a living room, but a huge conglomeration of all different sizes of bedrooms. There are about twenty beds set up in there, ranging in size from little girl size all the way down to stuffed animal size. Each bed has its own bedside lamp too. And glass of water.

I’ve eaten so much food that I can’t tell what’s good and what’s not anymore. None of my clothes fit. But I just keep eating.

I do know that the food I had on Christmas Day was good though. Mmmmm. We went to our favorite new Greek restaurant down the street that has only been open for two weeks. They opened on Christmas Day just for us and our friends and fed us an incredible meal. I’m not even kidding. And I didn’t have to wash one dish.

We succeeded at getting one gift for each girl and that’s it. I can’t say the same for other people though. As you can see from the picture of the tree below, we have some wonderfully loving people in our lives who are excellent gift-givers.

I watched The Bourne Ultimatum, Hairspray, Stardust and The Nativity Story. All good. I lost a game of Monopoly that lasted two days and was queen for a round in Mao. I got to hear “Leslie is Queen” at least six times in six minutes, which is more satisfying than you can possibly imagine.

Although we had less family around this year than we have ever had, we are more surrounded by love than we have ever been. I am thankful and my heart is overwhelmed.

I just don’t care about the messy house right now.








7 thoughts on “Christmas Pictures”

  1. Looks like you had fun with your Greek friends. We watched the Nativity Story, all three Bourne movies, and the first two Harry Potter’s (with three left to watch) whilst I was home. We have the honour of hosting your Dad, Mum, Josh, and Jennie to an English Roast dinner this evening.


  2. Oh Leslie, how beautiful! We sent all of our love and it looks like you received it. We get on another airplane in a couple of hours and head to England (love you Beans). What a wonderful Christmas this has been–WONDERFUL I tell you. Rob, Jennie and Josh skiied powder yesterday. The former Olympic ski lift went so fast that it bruised the back of Jennie’s knees. She didn’t know she was skiing black until they got to the top of the mountain. Janet, Alan, the boys and I went to a Grecian indoor water resort that was something like I’ve only seen in movies. It was the first time I’ve been all the way warm since we arrived. Simeon and Than are natural water puppies.

    God bless us one and all. He is so GOOD.


  3. I think I am a little bit jealous. Skiing, Grecian water resorts, my nephews who have the sweetest smiles in the whole wide world, English roasts with the Beans while you say things like “mummy” and “whilst” and “honour”…

    Yes, God is good. May you all have a wonderful time tonight. I know the food will be good if Kirsty’s cooking.


  4. mao, mao, mao!! and no!… no tha…

    The greek place was good, although we couldn’t join you for Christmas… and although I didn’t get my gift from the store on time, my wife wanted to get me the iPod I’ve always wanted and that’s the best material gift I could imagine.
    Spending my first Christmas in 5 years not all by myself was something of a change and my first Christmas tree in over a decade was another change… but the best part of it all?
    Christmas night listening to Chris and Matt discuss theology, literature, magic and I Am Legend while pregnant wives sat across the living room in their couch talking about babies, bellies, heartburn and nauseas…
    oh.. and the movie we watched, The Constant Gardener: a perfect ending!


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