Move Over, Einstein

I think I have made a new scientific discovery. I was just sitting here, working away, with my space heater blasting at my poor, frozen feet when I realized I was actually not cold at all. I was quite hot, as a matter of fact. Since it’s such a nice day today, I got up, and opened every window in the house. Now I’ve got this wonderful, cool breeze blowing through my house. The curtains on the windows and the papers on the bulletin board are waving gently in beautiful rhythm. And now I’m sitting here again, my space heater still blasting away at my feet. It’s perfect, I tell you. Perfect. The top 75% of my body is cool and the bottom part is nice and toasty.

Either I have got a serious internal problem, or I’m on to something here.

Not sure exactly what I’m on to, but I’m sure it’s somewhere in the vicinity of E=mc2

17 thoughts on “Move Over, Einstein”

  1. I just walked into our house, quite puzzled that it’s about thirty degrees colder inside than it is outside. Having discovered this, I walked around to open all the windows I could find. Some have been so unused that they refused, quite impolitely, to open.

    I feel like we’re enjoying the day together, but separate.

    I enjoy you.


  2. hmm. i’m a little relieved that, while you may have had his hair in high school, you do not have his mustache.

    can you imagine eating cereal with that thing? not only would the milk dribble down your chin, but you would probably have chuncks of chocolate stuck in your mustache.


  3. You’re hair was a little bigger in high school, it actually didn’t all fit in the frame of the picture. But never ever have you had a mustache! I hate it when my feet are cold, that’s the worst. My mother can’t stand it when her knees are hot. We all have our own little quirks!


  4. I think bald is hot, personally. I know this one really hot, bald guy…

    I’ve always felt a certain kinship to Einstein. I thought it’s cause I was such a smarty pants. Now I know it’s just my frizzy hair.


  5. Bald is neither here nor there. Sometimes it has its advantages. On hot sweaty days when I’m working out in the road, it is nice not to worry about hair getting in my face. It’s also great to just get up and go in the morning. But it also has its disadvantages. Sometimes I just really wish I could do something exciting with my hair but then I remember that what little I do have left, I keep very short. There is just no way to style a bald head… except with hats! And this is the missing puzzle piece for my smooth scalp. It’s time to branch out a little bit. Ball caps are a dime a dozen. Bolder berets, brighter knit cappies, an occasional top hat… the skies the limit.

    What does “bald is hot” mean anyway?


  6. Interesting, just yesterday we were talking to Tim about Einstein and how people think he had A.D.D. Tim really loves math. Then I come here today and you’ve posted about Einstein. I do agree with the majority, you’re frizzy hair was just like his. 😉


  7. I am always so late to the party! I don’t know why but I just can’t keep up.

    Chris, what are you doing working out in the road? Wouldn’t it be cooler and safer to work out in a gym or at home?

    Leslie, your hair was bigger than Einstein’s for sure but you were darn cute.


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