My Meaningfulness Exceeds My Usefulness

I’ve been meaning to go to the grocery store since Monday morning. It’s not that far away. It’s just around the corner. But stuff keeps happening that prevents me from getting there. And oh, I just love my new nephew so much.

I’ve been meaning to start exercising more and stop eating so much sugar. It’s just an act of the will and nothing more. And I am nothing if I am not strong-willed. But this Chocolate Duet cookie that I’m enjoying right now is just oh so yummy.

I’ve been meaning to get my taxes done so we can get our refund as soon as possible. And believe me, I’ve been working on them. I’ve been working on them so much that my eyes are seeing squiggles. But I am getting nowhere fast. I run into problems at every turn.

I’ve been meaning to get this house clean once and for all, buy my daughter something for her birthday, and plan activities for my in-laws coming to visit next weekend. But all I seem to be able to do is clean up throw-up, administer Tylenol and Gatorade and wash every bit of bedding in the house from three sick kids. Oh, I just love those kids so much, but they sure can throw up.

I’ve been meaning to figure out where exactly to go from here. Tomorrow’s Friday and I still haven’t been to the grocery store. Somehow I don’t think I’ll make it again.

I’m trying to figure out if I really care.

Oh, I just love these kids so much.


27 thoughts on “My Meaningfulness Exceeds My Usefulness”

  1. You have good kids! You should try ordering your groceries online again!

    Zoe has had a fever off and on for a week and a half. She only threw up one night but now Abbie is feeling bad and staying home for the day.


  2. Well, look at it this way on the taxes, the IRS won’t even start processing e-filed returns until Feb. 11th, so you’re early! (I’m a tax accountant if you couldn’t tell) 🙂 Feel free to call/email me if you need help – taxes are my passion, strange, i know, but somebody’s gotta do them!


  3. Really? February 11th, huh? Good to know. I won’t work so hard now. I appreciate the offer for help. We have such strange situations with Chris and I both working from home, running three businesses out of two home offices…I have been having a lot of trouble getting TurboTax to accept all of my strangeness. But I think I’ve got it all figured out now, thanks to Wanda, my TurboTaxPro. I like taxes too. Wheee!

    Kirsty, I actually think I’m going to just quit grocery shopping all together. That’s easier than meaning to do it all the time. I think I’ll quit meaning to do my dishes too. Kiss Abbie for me. Sadie’s my only one home today.


  4. Here, here!! Skip shopping, except maybe for paper plates in bulk – and use them for the food that Chris can go pick up. Not budget-friendly, not environmentally friendly, but it’s oh, so family-friendly!

    What a terrific picture of the girls. I might need one of those for myself.

    And, Crystal, are you offering help to anyone who reads this blog? 😉 Don’t worry! I’m almost done, too.


  5. hmmm….maybe I should have thought more about that comment before I hit post :D. There sure are a lot of readers/commentators/fellow bloggers…don’t know if I could help you all! Plus I have a real job at a real firm that will get very demanding of my time starting next week! How ’bout I retract my previous comment and leave it up to general discussions/questions after church or at lunch bunch 😀 I think I could handle that! hee hee


  6. I read somewhere recently of a woman who with her husband decided to only shop once a year! Can you imagine the looks she got checking out of Sam’s?

    And Crystal . . . I haven’t started yet. I usually wait till April 14th. It becomes a two day party every year. Maybe I should do the annual shopping that day too.


  7. Les, PLEASE order online so some poor stock guy gets your pick ticket and has to go find 12 boxes of cereal (I remember 12 in your pantry). Make sure you order it at 12:35am, too, so it makes you look extra freaky, i.e., like a gamer.


  8. I just went and counted and there are exactly FIFTEEN boxes of cereal in my pantry right now (if you count the oatmeal, grits and cream of wheat). And that’s without having been to the grocery store! I guess maybe I don’t need to go as badly as I thought I did. We’ll just have cereal for dinner tonight.

    Dad, I don’t even want to think about your two day “party” in mid-April. I try to motivate you to start earlier every year and it never works. I’m stressed out just thinking about it.


  9. That is a very cute picture of your girls. Athough it kinda looks like maybe they were all throwing up at the same time and you photo shopped it out of the picture. Is that what happened there? And those Sam’s people probably bought powdered milk so it would maybe last all year. And our taxes are done, but according to Crystal, even if we turned them in almost two weeks ago, does that mean we won’t see the return until after the 11th? And the 11th is only the weekend away, so I guess it doesn’t matter anyway. And Alan, you make me nervous. And Leslie I love you.


  10. Yeah, Leticia. I think that’s what Crystal means. You can do them earlier but they won’t be processed until the 11th. And the 11th may be only the weekend away, but the weekend is the world to me. And Carrie, you’re pretty cute.

    But what about cheese? You think they bought powdered cheese? If so, I don’t want to eat at their house.


  11. Love the picture! We had oatmeal for dinner the other night. Pumpkin oatmeal. Ummmm good. I love going to Sam’s Club, but I doubt I could buy groceries for a year. Too many mouths to feed ’round here and it would cost a lot of moolah.


  12. A little clarification about my tax party. I make it so I ALWAYS will owe money . . . I never get a refund. And you know me – I don’t like to let the government use my money when I don’t have to. I still haven’t figured out why people like to loan the IRS so much money interest free. The total figure must be staggering.

    And Jackie – I like your choice of a running mate. It would be a great team.


  13. I agree, Dad. We’ve changed the amount of taxes being taken out of Chris’ check so hopefully, we won’t get a refund next year.

    Jackie/Clay ’08! Across the blogoshpere!


  14. Leslie, I believe in Texas you really should say I’ve been fixin’ to do my taxes, groceries, etc. But that would make the title of your post My Fixingfulness Exceeds…. It doesn’t really work. Also, note that the elipses has a period after it. I threw that in for free since I’m on the subject of grammar-type things.


  15. 15 boxes of cereal! Holy frijole! My kids don’t like that many kinds, Cheerios, Rice Crispies, cocoa puffs, cocoa cripies and fruit loops. That’s it, nothing else. I’m working on our taxes, I love getting that sweet moula!


  16. i’ve been meaning to tell you that i love you and so appreciate your encouraging comments.


    i love you and so appreciate your encouraging comments.

    i’m glad you’re living through me. live fully. it’s the only appropriate way to live in this incredible place. you’d just love it, les. you have to come some time. i know a place you can stay…


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