Last weekend we did something as a family that we have never done in sixteen years of marriage: We took a vacation, just the five of us, for the sole purpose of vacating. It was glorious, marvelous, magnificent and delightful. We got a little condo right on the beach in Galveston, Texas and we swam, saw sights, swam, ate, swam and ate some more. Between the five of us, we took over 300 pictures with my camera, so I’ll have to get them up here in batches. I’ll start with these of us all dressed in white, since they’re my favorites. I also give thanks to some random guy walking down the beach for rescuing me as I was in the midst of trying to figure out my tripod and self-timer settings. He walked up, said he had the same camera as me and would love to snap some family pictures for us. He took some beautiful shots. I don’t even know his name. I hope I can be that random person for some family some day.











More to come…

13 thoughts on “Vacation!”

  1. It sounds wonderful. I am jealous because it is nice and warm there and you got to swim in the ocean. I want to go somewhere warm!


  2. It WAS glorious, we DO have cute legs and we DID swim! But jealous, Kirsty? You, who just went to Hogwarts Castle? But, I must say that it WAS gloriously, wonderfully warm and swimmable.


  3. LOVE it! Some people pay thousands of dollars for photos like those. Did you purposely pack similar dresses? I’m so happy for y’all! Now that you’ve been bitten by the VA-CAY bug, I predict you’ll return for more.


  4. Yes, I purposely dragged two of my children all over Dallas the day before we left, purposely looking for white dresses to get purposeful beach shots that look unpurposed. That’s the kind of nerd I am. It worked though, dontcha think?

    And thank you, Mackenzie for your kind photography words, but I must say that my husband actually took more of the pictures up there than I did. I took some though. And Sadie took the ones of me and Chris. And random beach guy took the ones of the whole family. It’s really wonderful to have so many photographers around.

    We must look so good on film because we have such cute legs.


  5. The pictures are beautiful and so is your family. It makes me feel old to see them so grown up. I remember them as little babies and toddlers. I guess since I have a 7, 5, and 2 year old I am old:) I love reading your blogs. We are headed to vacation this week. YEAH.


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