12 thoughts on “The Ride to School a la Sadie”

  1. how wonderful when you have kids and they know, that not matter what, is always room to have some fun…..just waitting on my h schooler to start our own snow fight a la Erfurt! yay!


  2. Just think, I use to live on the west coast where snow was a rarity and so cool. Now I live in Maine and it’s common. I don’t tire of the beauty though. Everything bathed in white as the sun shines down and it all sparkles still takes my breath away.


  3. I am with you, Tonia. I just keep feeling like I have never seen anything more beautiful in my life. It is indeed breath-taking.

    Karen, some schools were cancelled. Ours gave us a choice. We chose to go in and I am so glad we did. It was so much fun driving in it and listening to music and seeing these beautiful pictures that Sadie took. Plus, there was a major snowball fight after school in the parking lot that was the experience of a lifetime for the kids!

    And the whole city shut down the next day.


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