The Great White Snow Day

We woke up Friday morning to this:


With no work or school for anyone in our entire household, we slept in, had a nice banana, chocolate-chip pancake breakfast, bundled ourselves up and headed to the local neighborhood park. See that slope on the far side of the park? That’s where we were headed, with about 200 of our closest friends.


We passed a trash can, overflowing with make-do sled attempts of those who had gone before us.


We headed up the “hill” with our blow-up swimming pool toys, in our Converse and Sunday boots.



Thus began a super duper fun day.






We found some of the cutest people in the world on this great, white snow day.





I love the Texas winter clothing


And the Texas sleds. Not to brag or anything, but mine worked waaaaay better than the girl’s behind me.



Two things I love about this picture: The look of utter delight on my nephew and his daddy’s face and the bare legs and tennis shoes with no socks in the upper left corner.



Baby, it was cold outside.






What an absolutely spectacular couple of days. What a way to spend the day of the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics. My kids had never seen anything like it in their entire lives. And they may never again. We got a record 12 inches in 24 hours! Luckily, our household was not one of the hundreds of thousands who lost power. But we did experience a little damage, just like the rest of the city. There are trees down everywhere. In the seventeen years I’ve lived here and experienced countless spring storms with damaging winds, I’ve never seen as many trees down as I have in the last couple days. And they went down with no wind at all. Just a little bit of white stuff. Wimps.

And now, our back patio has been raining for two days straight. It’s not raining anywhere else in the city. Just on our back patio as the snow melts and has dripped a solid rain off of our roof for 48 hours now. Snowmen all over the city are falling over and dying. And boy, does the grass look nasty as the beautiful white goodness vanishes and reveals what was under there all along.


It sure was fun while it lasted. And I believe Spring just might be extra beautiful this year…..

Happy Whiteness, from our family to yours!


(To see all 170 of the ridiculous amount of white pictures we got, click here)

5 thoughts on “The Great White Snow Day”

  1. How did I miss this event? I think it’s better seeing the pictures actually because I would be one of those people out there in tennis shoes (with socks though). Remember our garage full of sleds, shovels and all things snow in Oregon? It was sure fun for a day but here’s what I have to say now– C’mon Texas heat!


  2. Petra, it really was so fun. The only thing is that I don’t remember being so sore for days afterward as a kid. Ouch. It hurts to have fun when you’re a grown-up.

    Laci, yes. You said it. It’s crazy around here! Thanks for liking my pictures. I’m glad to share them with you on the other side of the world.

    Mom, I don’t know exactly how this event transpired, actually. It was one of those things that happened between certain people having no power and no heat and no food and then the rest of the people that live in Mesquite just showing up there because it’s the only hill for 1,000 square miles.

    It was so fun though. One thing I learned though: Sunday boots are a million times warmer than tennis shoes. Poor Callie and Sadie’s feet were miserable, wet, freezing and then numb within minutes, but Grace and I did just fine for a couple hours.


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