Time For Change

I’m to that point. The point where I start rearranging furniture like a madwoman, hoping it will satisfy my cravings that have a very real possibility of turning violent if not addressed. And I’m not gentle with my poor furniture either. I think maybe it’s because I hate it. I totally destroyed my file cabinet that has been on the brink of destruction for years now. I don’t know why I’ve been babying it. It’s just a piece of junk. In fact, it’s such a piece of junk that once I took the drawers out to move it, the top disconnected from the sides and they all just fell outward. In slow motion. I didn’t even try to stop them. I watched them and then I took what still somehow stuck together and I ripped with all my might. Wood splintered and screws went flying. Then I hauled it all out to the curb in one load and threw it on the ground. I would even go so far as to say that I hucked it. I hucked it so hard that the lady two houses down who happened to be taking out her garbage at the same time looked up at me in alarm.

Then I moved the couches.

Then I broke my back moving the piano.

Then I moved pictures around, putting the ones I’m really sick of in places where I won’t have to look at them so much.

Then for good measure, I switched the curtains in the family room with the ones in our bedroom.

I don’t know if it worked though. I still hate everything. I mean I really, really, really hate everything.

And just when I’m good and ready to wallow, this happens:

Singing this:

Nobody said it was easy
No one ever said it would be this hard
Oh, take me back to the start

Dang it.

10 thoughts on “Time For Change”

  1. Thank you for your reminders now and then that hucking is good for the soul. I have two chairs and one side table that I would like to huck with all my might to make up for having to live with them this long. And look at Callie on bongos–those girls!


  2. Hucking Party. My house. This weekend. Everyone bring your junk and we’ll see who can huck the best. There will be prizes for distance, speed and style.

    Mom, there really is something so fun about these years. You were right. I find it the absolute funnest thing in the world to hear them sitting at the piano, coming up with their own stuff. They’re silly and creative and innocent and growing up SO FAST- all at once. It’s truly just fun. I’m glad you like the picture, Chris, because I felt like it was really impossible to capture all the greatness that that moment was.


  3. I just looked up the definition of hucking. It exceeded my paltry vision of “throwing hard.” I’m not making this up, this is word-for-word.

    Hucking: Associated with throwing your body into the air–big air, perhaps beyond one’s skill level. Huckers may or may not lack skill, but don’t lack fear. A huckfest is where there is a quorum of huckers hucking.

    Bring on the huckfest!


  4. Mom, I can’t tell you how thankful I am that you shared this with me today. I especially like the “perhaps beyond one’s skill level.” I think that’s what caused me to throw my neck and back out the other day.

    I am not afraid.


  5. You are so fun! I would love to come to a hucking party! The only trouble is that when I finish hucking all the stuff I don’t really like, there won’t be much left. Maybe not even my kitchen or the carpet. Then where would I be? Cooking in the living room I suppose, and sleeping under the stars, since I’m sick of our bed. I wish we had that curbside garbage pick up in Oregon. I really do miss that about Texas. I remember when the great garbage claw picked up our old living room couch like it was just a bit of fluff and crushed it and mangled it. It was a joyous moment.


  6. It’s all just stuff, isn’t it. Let’s huck it all and go live in tents like the nomads. They have some really pretty carpets. I’ve seen those tents on TV with satellite dishes outside. What’s that all about anyway? Let’s huck the satellite dishes too!


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