‘Til Kingdom Come

We’ve been getting battered by wind and rain and trees, but especially trees. Elisha just walked in the door, soaking wet like a sponge, his body pouring water, oozing all the way from the top of his hair, running straight down his face, down to the bottom of his socks and out his shoes, creating a growing puddle as he stood in the entry-way to Callie and Jeremy’s apartment, telling us how bad it is out there. He was at his parents house, helping them with downed trees and on his way here, he passed at least 50 more trees across the roads and kept having to turn around.

I’ve been working at Callie and Jeremy’s all day since the power went off early this morning at our house, and you know, the work MUST go on. A few large eucalyptus trees fell smack dab on our neighbor’s house before I left, destroying completely her beautiful, glass paneled art studio. The five hundred or so remaining eucalyptuses on our property were dancing violently in the 40 mph winds, alternately waving their mighty branches to the storm-blackened skies, and bending down deep to the muddy, sodden grounds, as if in some kind of plea with Mother Nature Herself and All Of Eternity to let them live. Just let them live and they will do whatever you want, including dancing in all their nakedness in the most vulnerable of ways. Grace and I ran for our lives to our car and got the heck outta dodge.

Jeremy also worked from home since he couldn’t get to his work due to flooding. Callie, Sadie and Grace sat at the kitchen table all afternoon coloring, while Jeremy and I sat here in the warm, lighted, wifi-enabled living room, working. The girls had an iPhone sitting in the middle of table, playing music, while they all hummed different parts. Some of the parts were part of the actual song, some were not, all sounded good and brought a fullness to both the music and my heart as I considered the many ways that I have been blessed. It was lovely background music while I worked. Ezra slept upstairs while the storm raged on and on out there. Coldplay and my daughters all sang together about waiting for you until kingdom come while the trees continued to fall outside our windows, all over kingdom come.

Elisha just left with Sadie and the little bean, that’s turning into a cantaloupe that will soon be a basketball inside her. They are going to attempt to get home, despite all reports that the canyon they live in is completely inaccessible. Sadie didn’t want him to go alone, since there’s no cell signal out there and she’ll never hear from him if he gets stuck. So, off they went to get stuck together. Elisha’s last words were. “Goodbye. If you don’t hear from us again, you know where to look…. under the trees.” And with that, the soaking wet, dripping, grinning son-in-law was off with my daughter and unborn grandbaby.

Chris just walked in the door, looking slightly less wet than Elisha, but infinitely more beaten down. He’d been waiting at home to make sure the house was okay, and waiting for the power to come back on. It didn’t. And now we’re out of water. And a tree fell on our garage. We were supposed to have dinner with friends tonight, who also have no power and live on a road that’s blocked by fallen trees, so we have postponed it for a night that is a little less wet and windy.

This is the conversation that just happened:

Grace: “So what are you guys going to do tonight then?”

Chris: (I didn’t look up from my computer, but I heard complete silence)

Grace: “Dad, that makes no sense… you can’t up your butt and around the corner on a Friday night.”

So that’s a little bit of what the mood is like around here.

Oh yeah, and then Ezra woke up. And we all smiled and laughed and smiled and laughed some more. I’d definitely wait for these people until kingdom come.

Grandpa and Ezra

  1. #1 by Leslie on February 18, 2017 - 8:10 am

    It has come to my attention that everybody might not know what “up your butt and around the corner” is. It’s just a stupid, junior high response to a “where” question that our family has always done. Somebody asks, “Where is my phone charger?” The person responding doesn’t say anything but sticks their index finger out as if to point towards the location, but then just crooks the finger. Not a word is said but the meaning is understood…. “I don’t know and I don’t care.” Mean-spirited? A little. Funny? Somehow it always is if you’re us. Used in response to a “what” question? Extra funny because it makes no sense.

  2. #2 by rladybug32 on February 18, 2017 - 10:20 am

    Your wonderful descriptions always make me feel as if I’m right there with you. Please don’t wash away in all that rain.

  3. #3 by Leslie on February 22, 2017 - 6:27 pm

    Thanks, Rock. I seem to still be here, in spite of my best intentions to wash away!

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